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Guide: How To Bridge wOETH to Arbitrum

June 20, 2024

Origin Ether’s recent expansion to Arbitrum has carved out an array of new opportunities for holders. wOETH pools on Silo and Gyroscope are stacked with incentives, offering users several avenues to earn rewards from liquidity mining.

With Origin’s brand new, all-in-one dapp, bridging wOETH to Arbitrum has never been easier. Follow the steps below to get started.

1. Acquire wOETH or ETH

The native bridge allows you to deposit ETH or wOETH to receive wOETH on Arbitrum in a single transaction.

You can purchase ETH via AMMs including Uniswap and on centralized exchanges.

OETH holders will need to visit the dapp’s swap portal to wrap OETH as wOETH before bridging.

Swap between ETH, WETH, OETH and wOETH via the native swap page

2. Bridge to Arbitrum

Once you’ve acquired ETH or wOETH, head over to the native bridge to send funds to Arbitrum. The bridge incorporates Chainlink’s CCIP protocol to ensure best-in-class security for all transactions.

ETH holders can deposit ETH to the bridge and receive wOETH directly on Arbitrum.

Visit the native bridge to acquire wOETH on Arbitrum

Explore the Arbitrum Ecosystem

Once the transaction has finalized, you should have wOETH in your Web3 wallet on Arbitrum.

Deploying wOETH to the co-incentivized Gyroscope and Silo Finance pools allows you to lock in significant returns with a low risk profile. Get involved now to take advantage of the limited-time rewards on offer.

Make sure to follow Origin on X and join the Discord server to be among the first to hear about new integrations.

Swap OETH for wOETH: https://originprotocol.eth.limo/#/oeth/

Bridge wOETH: https://originprotocol.eth.limo/#/oeth/bridge

Yasthiel Devraj
Yasthiel Devraj
Originally released by Origin Protocol
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