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A superior LST for earning yield across DeFi
Trailing 7-day
Total Yield
12:00234.3305 ETH231.4605
More yield. Less hassle.
  • Auto-compounding in your wallet
  • Self-custodial with on-chain transparency
  • No staking or lock-ups
  • 100% collateralized and redeemable
  • Pegged 1:1 with ETH
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Permissionless Money Lego
Ideal for protocols
OETH is a superior building block for developers.
Higher Yields
OETH outperforms other LSTs with no hidden costs. Its novel token design and deep liquidity result in a more stable price and a higher APY.
Instant redemptions
As a fully-collateralized and permissionless protocol, OETH allows anyone to redeem for ETH at any time without gatekeepers.
Secured with DVT
Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) ensures that validator keys remain decentralized, allowing Ethereum to scale without compromising security. With DVT implementation via the SSV network, OETH is shielded from centralization risks.
Fully on-chain and transparent
OETH is proudly built in the open, featuring an open-source codebase and comprehensive analytics portal. Users can independently verify where the underlying ETH is held at all times and see how OETH operates.
Proven track record
With substantial TVL and a codebase dating back to DeFi Summer (2020), OETH has gained the trust of top protocols, institutions, and some of the largest LST holders.
1 ETH = 1 OETH
OETH's deep liquidity pools and AMO controller ensure that the token remains pegged to ETH at all times. Arbitrageurs are incentivized to restore OETH's peg when market forces create inefficiencies.
OETH is supported by some of DeFi’s most innovative protocols, offering holders access to groundbreaking primitives.
OETH is one of the first LSTs supported by restaking pioneer, EigenLayer. Holders can restake OETH to compound returns and participate in extending Ethereum’s network security.
As DeFi’s largest AMM, Curve offers unparalleled liquidity for seamless swaps and liquidity mining. The OETH AMO controller harnesses Curve to strengthen OETH’s peg and generate increased yield from liquidity provision and token rewards.
Staking Rewards
OETH is featured as the primary LST held by the srETH, a liquid staking index from Staking Rewards. The platform trusts OETH to generate resilient rewards and strengthen the stability of the index.
Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) is the gold standard for multichain expansion. OETH harnesses CCIP to deploy on novel blockchains seamlessly and securely.
Pendle’s unique mechanics have popularized tokenized yield in DeFi. OETH holders can use Pendle to take leveraged positions on its yield performance or lock in a fixed yield.
As a leading Liquid Restaking protocol, EigenPie allows OETH holders to restake their holdings without locking up capital. OETH restakers receive equivalent amounts of mOETH, which can be used widely across DeFi.
The wOETH market on Silo creates leverages opportunities for holders and a new yield source for ETH and USDC lenders.
wOETH can be used as collateral for borrowing WETH from Re7's MetaMorpho vault. This enables borrowers to create leveraged staking strategies with OETH.
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Instant redemptions
OETH’s on-chain reserves remain liquid and available for permissionless redemption with no gatekeepers. Users can redeem OETH for ETH at any time, placing capital control firmly in the hands of holders.
Instant Redemption
Security first
OETH’s battle tested codebase has been built with an unerring commitment to best-in-class security.
Audited 12+ times by world-class experts
Changes to the protocol are reviewed by internal and external auditors on an ongoing basis.
Trail of Bits
Trail of Bits
48-hour timelock
If a malicious governance vote were to ever pass, users are given 48 hours to withdraw their funds before any new code is implemented.
Bug bounties
A $1,000,000 reward is offered through Immunefi, Web3's leading bug bounty platform. No major vulnerability has been identified in OETH's open-source code.
Review audits
Now live on Arbitrum
Wrapped OETH is is now available on Arbitrum network. Bridge your Wrapped OETH or buy on Balancer.
Instant Redemption
Bridge wOETH
Governed by $OGN stakers
OETH's future is shaped by voters who lock their OGN and participate in decentralized governance.
OGN price
Market cap
Circulating supply
Total supply
OGN is listed on top exchanges
Stake OGN
To Earn OGN
Control the future of OETH and profit from its growth.
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