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Leverage Yield Seamlessly with wOETH on Summer.fi

June 27, 2024

Morpho’s wOETH/WETH pool boasts deep liquidity for users, with more than ~$2M in available WETH liquidity supplied by the Re7 and Gauntlet Metamorpho vaults. For a limited time, WETH lenders can stack boosted MORPHO and OGN incentives on the pool.

By looping the pool, users can compound returns and leverage yield for maximum rewards. While straightforward, this strategy can be resource intensive. Users need to first deposit wOETH to the pool to borrow WETH, and use borrowed WETH to purchase more wOETH.

Formerly known as Oasis, Summer.fi automates this process with one-click solutions for ETH derivative looping and other popular DeFi strategies. Users can deposit wOETH via the platform’s Multiply portal to start earning yield.

Summer.fi prompts users to create Smart DeFi accounts using their Web3 wallets. You can create multiple accounts to manage specific strategies and positions on the protocol.

Beyond the Morpho pool, Summer.fi also features strategies for two Ajna wOETH pools – on Ethereum and Arbitrum.

Leverage the Morpho wOETH/WETH pool via Summer.fi

Leveraging Staking is Better with OETH

As a pure LST focused on delivering heightened yields and vast composability, Origin Ether is the ideal building block for executing rewarding leveraged staking strategies in DeFi. Integrations with innovative platforms like Summer.fi make accessing these strategies easier than ever, empowering anyone to earn compounded yields with relatively low risk and time investment.

Mint OETH: https://originprotocol.eth.limo/#/oeth/

Loop the wOETH Morpho pool with Summer.fi: https://summer.fi/ethereum/morphoblue/multiply/WOETH-ETH#setup

Yasthiel Devraj
Yasthiel Devraj
Originally released by Origin Protocol
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