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Welcoming Clément Moller to the Origin Protocol Team!

July 10, 2024

Welcoming Clément Moller to the Origin Protocol Team!

We are delighted to announce that Clément Moller has joined the Origin Protocol team as a Smart Contract Engineer!

Clément brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of significant accomplishments in both the blockchain and research sectors. His background includes publishing research papers for the American Society of Mechanical Engineering and the European Turbo-machinery Conference while working as a researcher engineer at the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

Additionally, Clément has designed StakeDAO's "OnlyBoost" architecture, a fully automated, on-chain, and decentralized system that optimizes LP deposits between Convex and StakeDAO, enhancing efficiency for yield seekers. He also developed the pre-deposit vault for Swell L2, which has achieved a significant Total Value Locked (TVL) of $1.4 billion, showcasing his expertise in creating high-impact blockchain solutions.

Clément's interest in crypto began in 2017 after seeing Bitcoin on the news. He started learning about blockchain and how tokens work, and by 2020, he was coding smart contracts for fun in his free time. He then posted on Twitter, offering to work as a junior developer for free to gain experience, which led to an opportunity with the StakeDAO team. For nine months, he balanced his work at the German Aerospace Center with his passion for Web3 before making the switch to work on different projects like StakeDAO, SwellNetwork, Prisma Finance, and DeFi-Money, eventually joining Origin Protocol.

Clément chose to join Origin after meeting our Senior Solidity Engineer, DVF, whose skills he had admired at crypto conferences they attended. He realized that Origin Protocol was a serious company building real solutions after his interviews, where he found everyone to be smart, talented, and equally passionate about decentralization. The shared values and the impressive team made his decision to accept the offer an easy one.

“I chose Origin mainly because I wanted to work with DVF,” Clément shared. “I figured if he was at Origin Protocol, it must be a serious company building real things. After my interviews, I realized everyone at Origin was smart, talented, and cared about decentralization as much as I do. We shared the same values, which made me decide to accept their offer.”

Clément is passionate about Decentralized Finance, especially the aspects of being censorship-resistant and eliminating the need for intermediaries. In his free time, he loves to travel and explore nature. A fun fact about Clément: he received the offer on a Friday morning and was asked to join the team for the off-site in Vancouver by Sunday, despite being based in France! Needless to say, Clément has hit the ground running at Origin.

Clément on a hike in Madeira, Portugal

Please join us in welcoming Clément Moller to the Origin Protocol team! We are excited to see the innovative solutions and expertise he will bring to our projects.

Ryan McNamara
Ryan McNamara
Originally released by Origin Protocol
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