Origin Tokens (OGN) have launched!
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Origin Rewards

Earn your stake in the Origin network today. Users can earn Origin Tokens (OGN) by verifying their profiles, referring friends and family to Origin, sharing news about Origin on social media, and making purchases from our featured sellers. Không có sẵn tại Mỹ

Hoa hồng

Promote your listings across the Origin flagship app and third-party apps with Origin Commissions. Pay with OGN to get featured prominently in search results. Application developers and marketplace operators earn Origin Tokens (OGN) by helping sellers complete their sales.

Thanh toán

Use the Origin Tokens (OGN) that you've earned in Origin Rewards to pay for goods and services. Sellers earn larger stakes in the network by accepting OGN as a preferred payment method.

Nghiên cứu và phát triển

Origin Nodes

Stake your OGN to run an Origin Node and earn more OGN by helping to replicate and validate profile and listing data on the network.

Origin Relayer

Developers can pay for usage of Origin Meta Transactions Relayers with OGN. Meta Transactions reduce user friction and encourage adoption and retention.

Quản trị

Everyone has a vote on the Origin Platform. Token holders will participate in important community votes to define future initiatives.