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Our platform will power peer-to-peer marketplaces everywhere

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Self-sovereign Identity

Own and protect your own data. Your profile is portable and can be used across any Origin-enabled application.

Encrypted Messaging

Send secure, private messages to other buyers and sellers on the platform.

Permissionless Payments

Use your choice of Origin Token (OGN), Ether (ETH), or MakerDai (DAI) to buy and sell.

Reputation Systems

Give ratings and leave reviews for your transactions just like you would on a centralized app.

Blockchain-Powered Transactions

Funds are escrowed on our marketplace smart contract. Buy and sell without intermediaries.

Arbitration Services

Use Origin or select a third-party arbitration service to keep both counterparties safe.

How it works


Buyers search and browse for sellers' listings on the blockchain through DApps


Buyers submit offers and escrowed payments to our marketplace smart contract


Sellers accept or reject offers from prospective buyers, then fulfill active offers


After offers are finalized, the smart contract releases escrowed payments to sellers

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Maio de 2017
Began initial development
Setembro de 2017
Released initial whitepaper
Dezembro de 2017
Launched Alpha on Ethereum testnet
October 2018
Launched Beta on Ethereum mainnet
February 2019
Launched Marketplace Creator 1.0 and our first mobile apps Supported first partner app launches
April 2019
Launched Origin Rewards Lançados pagamentos de stablecoin
July 2019
Launched shoporigin.com and new mobile apps Launched Meta Transactions
September 2019
Lançada infraestrutura atualizada de meta-transações Lançamento de aplicativos de mercado para cartões-presente e streaming de vídeo
Novembro 2019
Comissões de origem lançadas Lançada plataforma descentralizada de loja de comércio eletrônico Lançados pagamentos fora da cadeia
Q1 2020
Launch Mainnet 1.0 Launch OGN as payment token Distribute investor OGN tokens
Q2 2020
Lançar aplicativos adicionais de mercado interno e comércio eletrônico Suporte ao lançamento de lojas de comércio eletrônico descentralizadas Iniciar o modelo de aplicação de OGN
Terceiro trimestre de 2020
Lançar novas ferramentas de desenvolvedor e expandir a adoção do desenvolvedor
Quarto trimestre de 2020
Iniciar o OGN como um token de governança

Origin Token

Origin Token (OGN) is an incentive token that ensures the health and growth of the network.