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It’s time to cut out traditional intermediaries

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Origin enables true peer-to-peer commerce

Origin is a startup headquartered in San Francisco, but we also have team members in China, Korea, Russia, India, New Zealand, and even Slovenia. Our 800+ investors include top venture capitalists and cryptocurrency funds all over the world. Origin Tokens (OGN) are held by over 25,000 token holders.
Lower Fees
Centralized intermediaries often charge 20-30% in transaction fees. Airbnb grossed $2.6B in fees in 2017, while Uber took home a monumental $11.8B in fees in 2018.
By removing the middlemen, Origin removes these fees. Buyers and sellers can now share the savings from the fees that are no longer paid to traditional marketplace operators.
Better Incentives
Uber and Lyft recently IPOed. WeWork and Airbnb are soon to follow suit. None of the early participants on these platforms benefited despite being critical to their success.
In contrast, Origin enables everyone to own a piece of the network. Buyers and sellers can earn Origin Tokens (OGN) simply by using Origin-enabled applications to transact with one another. Developers, affiliates, and marketplace operators can earn OGN by promoting and marketing sellers' listings. When everyone owns a piece of the network, ecosystem participants are incentivized to promote the health and growth of Origin.
Increased Access
2 billion people around the world are currently unbanked. They do not have checking accounts, credit cards, AliPay, or Apple Pay.
With the advent of cryptocurrencies and the proliferation of inexpensive smartphones, now is the time to enable the unbanked to participate in the new Internet economy. Users from all over the world are now able to transact with each other on Origin-powered marketplaces even if they do not have stable, local banking systems.
More Resilience
Airbnb is heavily regulated or banned in cities like Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, New York, and even its home city of San Francisco.
Decentralized marketplaces promote open and free commerce. Unlike centralized alternatives, they are not single points of failure and can't be banned or shut down. Decentralized commerce is more resilient and promotes efficient markets.

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