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It’s time to bring crypto mainstream

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Origin Protocol is bringing NFTs and DeFi to the masses

Origin is a fully distributed team. Our 800+ investors include top venture capitalists and cryptocurrency funds all over the world. Origin Tokens (OGN) are held by over 37,000 possessori di token.
Costi minori
Centralized platforms for music and art often charge incredibly high fees, leaving the creators with a small fraction of the value generated and causing consumers to overpay for goods and experiences. Traditional payment processors also charge significant fees.
Decentralized commerce reduces the power of middlemen and their ability to charge egregious fees. Both buyers and sellers can share in the savings. With OUSD, Origin provides an alternative to high cost payment rails. Ordinary people and businesses can reduce costs and benefit from superior yields provided by OUSD.
Migliori incentivi
Centralized platforms and financial institutions often have an antagonistic relationship with their customers. Fees are neccessary to make these companies successful. This creates a perverse relationship where customers have no stake in the success they help create.
In contrast, Origin enables everyone to own a piece of the network. Fans and collectors can have a direct stake in the success of their favorite community with NFTs. Yield generated by OUSD is distributed fairly to all holders. Holders of Origin Tokens (OGN) can participate in governance to decide the future rules and direction of the network and also have a stake in the success of Origin’s products. When everyone owns a piece of the network, everyone is incentivized to help it grow and succeed.
Maggiore Inclusione
2 miliardi di persone in tutto il mondo sono oggi senza un sistema bancario. Non hanno conti correnti, carte di credito, AliPay o Apple Pay.
With the advent of cryptocurrencies and the proliferation of inexpensive smartphones, now is the time to enable the unbanked to participate in decentralized commerce and finance. Anyone with a crypto wallet can participate in the NFT economy. Users from all over the world are now able to access a stable currency with superior yields in OUSD.
Maggiore Elasticità
Decentralized marketplaces promote open and free commerce. Unlike centralized alternatives, they are not single points of failure and can't be banned or shut down. Decentralized commerce is more resilient and promotes efficient markets.
Decentralized finance lets users take control of their money. They will be able to choose what assets to conduct business with and keep their savings in. Unlike in traditional centralized systems, funds cannot be seized and accounts cannot be shut down. DeFi is powered by smart contracts and code which minimizes the need for trust and limits human intervention and misadventure.

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