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Our world-class team is led by entrepreneurs and engineers from iconic tech companies

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Core team

Josh Fraser headshot
Josh je započeo kodiranje u dobi od 10 godina. Prije podrijetla, osnivao je još tri tvrtke pod nazivom: EventVue, Torbit (Walmart Labs) & Šumarstvo.
Matthew Liu headshot
Matt je bio 3. svibnja na YouTubeu (kupio ga je Google) i VP PM na Qwiki (dobiven od Yahooa) i Bonobosa (kojeg je Walmart stekao). Ima MS i BS iz Stanforda.
Coleman Maher headshot
Poslovni razvoj
Coleman je aktivni kriptotransfer investitor i poduzetnik nekretnina, posjedovanje i upravljanje višestrukim Airbnb svojstvima. Studirao je matematiku u Berkeleyju.
Yu Pan headshot
Inženjer za istraživanje i razvoj
Yu Pan bio je jedan od 6 članova osnivača PayPala i bio je prvi zaposlenik na YouTubeu. On je bivši zaposlenik Googlea i suosnivač Kiwi Cratea.
Micah Alcorn headshot
Product Manager/Engineer
Micah was the technical co-founder of WellAttended, a bootstrapped box office management platform. He worked as a commercial real estate broker while learning to code.
Kay Yoo headshot
Finance & Operations
Kay is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). She previously worked as a Senior Accountant and then as a Senior Consultant at KPMG Canada.
Franck Chastagnol headshot
Viši inženjer
Franck has had a successful career as an early employee at numerous high-profile companies. He previously led engineering teams at Inktomi, Paypal, YouTube, Google and Dropbox.
Mila Choi headshot
Regional Manager Korea
Mila is leading our community efforts in South Korea. She previously organized blockhain hackathons and has degrees from Penn State and Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Tom Linton headshot
Viši inženjer
Before Origin, Tom had a successful career as a solo startup founder. He has two Masters degrees in Distributed Systems from the Technical University of Berlin and KTH in Stockholm.
Anna Wang headshot
Regional Manager China
Anna is leading our community efforts for Chinese speakers. Before Origin, Anna managed global social media at Exness, a leading forex broker. She also co-founded a non-profit in Australia.
Nick Poulden headshot
Viši inženjer
Nick studied Computer Science at the University of Warwick. Prior to joining Origin, he worked as an engineer at Sencha, C3 Energy Network and Palo Alto Networks.
Domen Grabec headshot
Domen co-founded and led a team developing a mobile application with 2 chess Grandmasters. He previously had a successful career at Cetra, Zemanta and Peerindex.
Shahul Hameed headshot
Shahul is a fullstack engineer who started programming at age of 10. He previously worked as a freelancer and then joined Zoho as a front-end developer.
Zaurbek Ivanov headshot
Russia Community
Zaurbek Ivanov studied Economics at Kabardino-Balkaria State Agrarian University in Nalchik, Russia. He has worked in the hospitality industry in the US and Russia.
Mike Shultz headshot
Mike is a long-time contributor to open-source. He created a dev toolkit for creating Ethereum smart contracts with Python and previously worked with Ethereum and IPFS at Lunyr.
Aure Gimon headshot
Product Designer
Aure is a product designer with 10+ years of experience. Prior to joining Origin, Aure worked at multiple startups and Fortune 500 companies. In a past life, he was also a software engineer.

Community team

Holly Gu headshot
Holly Gu
June Kim headshot
June Kim
Yeongin Lee headshot
Yeongin Lee


Melody He headshot
International BD
Joey Krug headshot
Andrew Hyde headshot

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