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A decentralized and open source e-commerce platform that allows anyone to create an online store easily
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The Origin platform will power hundreds of decentralized, peer-to-peer marketplaces. Download our flagship app today.
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Mayo 2017
Began initial development
Setyembre 2017
Released initial whitepaper
Disyembre 2017
Launched Alpha on Ethereum testnet
October 2018
Launched Beta on Ethereum mainnet
February 2019
Launched Marketplace Creator 1.0 and our first mobile apps Supported first partner app launches
April 2019
Launched Origin Rewards Inilunsad ang mga pagbabayad ng stablecoin
July 2019
Launched and new mobile apps Launched Meta Transactions
September 2019
Launched OGN Commissions
Q4 2019
Distributed investor OGN tokens Launched Dshop
Q1 2020
Launched Mainnet 1.0 Listed on Binance Launched OGN as payment token Added to Samsung Blockchain Wallet
Q2 2020
Launched Origin Deals Listed on additional exchanges Support Dshop partner launches Ilunsad ang modelo ng staking OGN
Q3 2020
Ilunsad ang mga bagong tool ng developer at palawakin ang pag-ampon ng developer
Q4 2020
Ilunsad ang OGN bilang isang token ng pamamahala

Origin Token

Origin Token (OGN) is an incentive token that ensures the health and growth of the network.