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Sharing economy

Create a marketplace for homesharing, carsharing, contractor, or home services.


Enable buyers and sellers to transact across hundreds of categories.

Local marketplaces

Build a better Craigslist or Airbnb for your country or city quickly and easily.

Run a decentralized & censorship-resistant business

Build a marketplace that can't be shut down by anyone...including us.

Earn Origin tokens

List goods and services from Origin’s existing base of sellers. Earn Origin token commissions from sellers looking to reach a wider audience on your marketplace.

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Bootstrap your marketplace

Tap into our shared data layer that gives you existing users and inventory from other marketplaces.

Harness the power of borderless and permissionless payments

Be on the cutting edge of the cryptocurrency revolution. Your DApp is compatible with Metamask and popular mobile wallets out of the box.



Self-soverign identity puts users in control of their own data


Alerts for new messages or transactions on the marketplace

Flexible Listings

Sell new or used goods and rent your products or services


Funds are safely escrowed until both parties are happy with a transaction


Decentralized, encrypted end-to-end, fast, free, and auditable


Arbitration features will allow you to resolve disputes

Ethereum & IPFS

Built on a decentralized web3 stack


Your marketplace looks great on mobile, tablet, and desktop

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