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Don't get phished! The only official URL for Origin Protocol is Please bookmark and be careful of similar looking URLs.

Origin For Developers

Origin is empowering developers to build decentralized marketplaces on the blockchain, which will allow buyers and sellers to meet and transact without requiring any trusted intermediaries. Achieving this visionary goal requires contributions from a growing community of developers; And we need your help.

What We Are Building

Origin.js - a library of Javascript code and Ethereum smart contracts which allow anyone to create decentralized marketplaces by calling simple API methods

Origin DApp - an example decentralized application that shows how easy it is to create and purchase listings, leave reviews, check identity, and more

Origin Bridge Server - an endpoint enabling functionality that is either impossible or impractical to do directly on-chain, such as indexing, identity attestations, and notifications

How To Get Involved

Our company is built upon a culture of radical inclusion and transparency. Everyone is welcome to participate in our open-source engineering process and our product discussions, which are public by default.

#1  Join our public Discord and introduce yourself in the #engineering channel

#2  Find an open issue on our GitHub project board and get your first pull request merged today.



Our docs describe how to contribute, using Origin.js in your project, Origin's overall architecture, and much more.

Weekly Engineering Call

Tune in to our public Google Hangout every Wednesday at 1PM PT, where we provide updates on our engineering progress and discuss upcoming features.


Join our public Discord group (and specifically the #engineering channel) to become involved and contribute to our open source community.