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Token Unlock Schedule

On January 4, 2020, we released our projected token release schedule. This can also be found in Binance's Research Report on Origin. Note that actual circulating supply may differ from modeled circulating supply as time passes. It is our intention to decrease actual circulating supply when compared to modeled circulating supply whenever possible.

Modeled vs. actual token release schedule

Currently, OGN's actual circulating supply is ogn_circulating_supply. Modeled circulating supply was projected at ogn_modeled_supply. The difference is ogn_supply_diff tokens (ogn_supply_diff_pct%).

Staked amount by duration

Staked OGN is included as part of the circulating supply. You can stake your OGN on ousd.com
Total number of staked tokens
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Additional Token Metrics

Total number of unique wallets
Total number of presale investors
Presale investor vesting schedule length
2+ years
Team vesting schedule length*
4-6 years
Average presale purchase size in USD
* Founders signed new 4 year vesting schedule on Jan 8 2020

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