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185,000 ARB Is Coming to wOETH on Arbitrum

May 27, 2024
wOETH on Arbitrum

185,000 ARB Up for Grabs from Arbitrum’s LTIPP

We're excited to begin distribution of Origin Ether’s Arbitrum LTIPP grant to fuel our growth in the Arbitrum ecosystem. This grant opens up exciting yield farming opportunities for wOETH holders, allowing you to earn ARB rewards to maximize your yield.

There are 185,000 ARB up for grabs which is being distributed to wOETH users on Arbitrum over the next 12 weeks, so take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts.

How to Earn ARB by Using wOETH on Arbitrum

The ARB incentives aim to grow wOETH usage on Arbitrum and fully integrate our LST across AMMs and money markets on the network. This involves getting rewards into the hands of DeFi yield farmers and users that want to borrow against wOETH in money markets and provide liquidity in decentralized exchanges we have partnered with.


We've deployed a wOETH/ETH pool on Balancer in partnership with Gyroscope. This pool distributes 3,968 ARB per week to liquidity providers, with additional incentives available through Hidden Hand or direct pool incentives.

You can get started by providing liquidity on the wOETH/ETH pool today.


We have teamed up with the Ramses team to grow the Ramses wOETH/ETH pool and will allocate 500 ARB per week to the pool. Additionally, the Ramses team is matching this on a 100% basis (1,000 ARB/week total). Ramses is also offering RAM incentives to the wOETH/ETH pool to increase the rewards for liquidity providers that deposit wOETH and ETH liquidity into the pool.

Earn ARB and RAM by providing liquidity on the wOETH/ETH Ramses Pool.

Silo Finance

10,792 ARB per week is being allocated to the Silo Finance money market for users that want to borrow against their wOETH on the platform. We are allocating a large portion of ARB incentives to this market to ensure there is ample liquidity for users to borrow against as it requires users to deposit either ETH or USDC to kickstart the market.

Users that deposit USDC or ETH in the wOETH Silo money market or use wOETH as collateral for borrowing purposes are eligible for ARB incentives. Visit the Silo dapp to get started today.

How to Bridge OETH to Arbitrum

To participate, you'll need to bridge your wOETH to Arbitrum. Origin uses Chainlink CCIP for cross chain transfers, which is accessible through the Origin dapp. Here’s how to bridge wOETH to Arbitrum:

For ETH holders:

  • Go to the Origin dapp and click the “bridge” tab.
  • Bridge your ETH from Ethereum and convert it to wOETH on Arbitrum in one transaction.

For OETH holders:

  1. Convert your OETH to wOETH using by wrapping on the Origin dapp.
  2. Use the Arbitrum bridge to transfer wOETH from Ethereum to Arbitrum.

Note that bridging can take up to 15 minutes. The interface will keep you updated on the status.

Earn ARB Bonuses Until August 31st

Starting in June, Arbitrum’s LTIPP incentives will be distributed over the next 12 weeks, giving OETH users the opportunity to earn extra incentives on leading Arbitrum protocols. As liquidity deepens on AMMs and money markets, new utility will be unlocked for users looking to leverage and trade their Origin Ether.

ARB incentives aren’t the only thing coming for OETH users. In the coming months, Origin Ether will continue to expand through Arbitrum’s ecosystem, as well as other layer 2 networks such as Base and Optimism. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding Origin Ether’s debut on Base, where it will receive new yield products that take advantage of novel protocols on the network.

Jump in and start earning your share of ARB incentives! 


How long will ARB incentives last?

Incentives from Arbitrum’s Long Term Incentives Pilot Program (LTIPP) will run for 12 weeks. Looking forward, Origin plans to apply for future ARB rewards to continue incentivizing wOETH usage on Arbitrum.

What protocols offer ARB incentives on wOETH?

Currently, wOETH holders on Arbitrum can earn ARB incentives by providing liquidity on Ramses, Gyroscope (Balancer), and lending/borrowing on Silo Finance.

How are ARB incentives distributed?

Incentives are allocated to users who use the wOETH Silo Money market and to liquidity providers who deposit wOETH and ETH in Balancer and Ramses pools. A total of 55,000 ARB will be granted to DEX liquidity and 130K ARB will be distributed on the wOETH Silo money market.

Ryan McNamara
Ryan McNamara
Originally released by Origin Protocol
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