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Blockchain-powered commerce is the future

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Origin Platform

The Origin Platform is revolutionizing how people shop and conduct business online. Create a decentralized e-commerce store and buy and sell on our marketplace app.
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There is a massive opportunity for blockchain-powered commerce

E-commerce is projected to be one of the fastest growing verticals in the blockchain industry during the next few years
Global e-commerce sales by 2021
Global blockchain technology revenues by 2023

Blockchain-powered commerce is the future

Blockchain will redefine online commerce and allow both buyers and sellers to benefit from lower costs and improved infrastructure
Lower fees
Buyers and sellers share 20-30% in savings when middlemen are removed
Better incentives
Everyone can own a stake in the network by contributing to its growth
Increased access
2 billion unbanked people can access new markets globally
More resilience
Blockchain-powered commerce can't be banned or shut down

Origin имеет команду мирового класса

Нашу команду возглавляют серийные предприниматели, основатель PayPal, ранние сотрудники YouTube, а также инженерные менеджеры Google и Dropbox.
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Нас поддерживают ведущие венчурные компании и инвесторы в Силиконовой долине и во всем мире

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