Origin Tokens (OGN) have launched!
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The blockchain platform for building decentralized marketplaces

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Origin Tokens have launched!

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The Origin platform will power hundreds of decentralized, peer-to-peer marketplaces. Download our flagship app today.
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Rent a home, buy concert tickets, or hire a contractor on our flagship app, built on the Origin platform.
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The sharing economy is a massive opportunity waiting to be disrupted

Gross bookings are expected to reach $335B by 2025
Percentage of total value of a booking Airbnb charged guests
Uber's average take per ride
Drivers that rated Uber under 3 stars out of 5 for earnings satisfaction
Uber driver churn by quarter
Airbnb Japan home-share listings removed in 2018

Decentralized marketplaces are inevitable

For the first time in history, the blockchain enables buyers and sellers to securely meet and transact without any middlemen.
Lower Fees
Buyers and sellers share 20-30% in savings when middlemen are removed.
Better Incentives
Everyone can own a stake in the network by contributing to its growth.
Increased Access
2 billion unbanked people can access new markets globally.
More Resilience
Decentralized marketplaces can’t be banned or shut down.

Origin has a world-class team

Our team is led by serial entrepreneurs, a founder of PayPal, early employees at YouTube, and engineering managers at Google and Dropbox.
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We are backed by top venture capital firms and investors in Silicon Valley and around the world

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